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I'm Michael. I'm a self-employed software engineer living in Stuttgart, Germany.


With 15+ years in the tech industry, I've offered my programming, consulting, and project management skills to help clients achieve their goals.


Through careful planning and analysis, I help bring business processes to the web. I can assist with server selection, choosing content management systems, and strategizing for long-term web communication.


My coding work ranges from creating individual modules to building full applications, using clean and standardized web technologies for enhanced performance.


Beyond implementation, I also enjoy sharing knowledge through workshops and on-the-job training.

Tech Stack

I'm a full-stack developer with a focus on the front-end. I'm experienced with HTML, SCSS/CSS, TypeScript/JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. I'm also familiar with a variety of content management systems, including Drupal and WordPress.
More lately I've been working with Astro, Svelte, Tailwind CSS and npm.


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